Credit Services


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    Prefin - refinancování půjček

    We provide credit services.

    Nám. 14. října 1307, Praha 5

    Vyplatíme Vaše exekuce

    We offer non-bank loans for employees - maybe without the knowledge of husband, wife. Loans without a registry for businesses with zero tax return, the loan wit...

    Celá ČR (Prague 10-Vinohrady)

    Mistom s.r.o.

    Non půjčky.Poskytujeme quick and easy financial loans from its own resources, the liability of property condition. Loans without proof of income. Loans without consulting the registry. Loans for anything. Loan application online line.Nebankovní loans.

    Jenečská 112, Praha

    Projekt AXB, spol. s r.o.- pojistný zprostředkovatel

    Insurance agent.

    Vltavská 1156, Praha 4


    At one point during a single meeting and get all offer mortgages from all banks. Select and completely secure the optimal type of financing for you. We provide mortgage loans at preferential terms. Our services are free.

    Pernerova 659/31a, Praha 8

    UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.

    We provide comprehensive banking services for both domestic and foreign clients. It includes private counseling, bills, account, payment and credit card loans, ...

    Na příkopě 858/20, Praha 1

    TAJA REALITY, s.r.o.

    We offer loans and přeúvěrování your current liabilities (debts, execution). To obtain a loan is necessary to guarantee property. Processing time - up to 3 days. Amount of the payments for us to set ourselves. We offer loans for the purchase of municipal and public housing to private ownership.

    Barrandova 974/3, Praha (Prague 12-Modřany)

    Moravský Peněžní Ústav - spořitelní družstvo

    Supply of credit.

    Senovážné náměstí 1375/19, Praha (Prague 1-Nové Město)

    Credoma, a.s.

    Offer financial advice.

    Sokolovská 394/17, Praha

    Vltavín Leas, a.s.

    We are the key companies in the leasing of used cars. Our service provides leases and loans for cars, utility vehicles and used trucks, trailers and semitrailers. We offer the opportunity to purchase a vehicle without a down payment.

    Milady Horákové 299/121, Praha (Prague 6-Prague Castle)

    bydlí, s.r.o.

    Operation of real estate agents.

    Helénská 1799/4, Praha


    Offer credit services.

    Na Harfě 935/5c, Praha (Prague 9)

    Cetelem ČR, a.s.

    Up to CZK 1 000 000 you can borrow from us on anything without a guarantor. Our offer to give you credit cards and consumer loans for shopping for anything.

    Karla Engliše 3208/5, Praha (Prague 5-Smíchov)

    Pavel Sokola

    Offer non-bank loans to real estate collateral.


    Palis Praha, a.s.

    We offer legal and advocacy services. Consulting in enforcement proceedings, and real estate loans.

    Školská 694/32, Praha (Prague 1-Nové Město)

    Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna, a.s.

    Building society specializing in housing finance. Offers a convenient way of savings, supported by state and subsidized housing savings for young people under 2...

    Bělehradská 222/128, Praha 2

    Moravský Peněžní Ústav - spořitelní družstvo

    Supply of credit.

    Senovážné náměstí 1375/19, Praha (Prague 1-Nové Město)

    Wüstenrot hypoteční banka, a.s.

    Our Bank offers mortgage loans for home furnishings, to obtain their own home or to buy a cooperative apartment. For all those who show ability to pay, we offer a single interest rate.

    Na hřebenech II 1718/8, Praha (Prague 4)


    A profile of a low-cost bank 21st century. The CR and offer personal savings accounts, credit cards charge, mortgage loans, consumer loans and other banking products. We are part of Commerzbank financial group.

    Vinohradská 938/37, Praha 2

    Cofidis, s.r.o.

    We offer fast loans throughout the Republic - a revolving loan without collateral for any purpose and without fee. On-line application.

    Bucharova 1423/6, Praha (Prague 13-Stodůlky)

    Úvěrové služby Petr Barták

    We offer quick financial loans to 100,000 - even without collateral or proof of income. Discharge by telephone within 1 hour. Non-bank, the banking sector's own resources. The possibility of execution for the unemployed, pensioners and the sub-prime clients.

    Klapkova 185/56, Praha (Prague 8-Kobylisy)

    ACM Money Česká republika, a.s.

    We are a provider of product My loan will lend up to EUR 2.000.000, - CZK, with a maturity of up to 15 years and no proof of income and verification bank.registrů.

    Čimická 780/61, Praha

    FAST HYPO, a.s.

    We provide cash loans - loans from 400,000 - to 20,000,000 - CZK. Loans have a minimum and increase the possibility of early repayment. We offer mortgages, consumer loans and refinance existing loans with no upfront payment.

    Opletalova 1417/25, Praha (Prague 1-Nové Město)

    Hypoteční banka, a.s.

    Bank focused exclusively on providing mortgage loans. Mortgage with us you can handle even the Internet. With the new service by Mortgage Web site do not pay ex...

    Radlická 333/150, Praha 5

    Provident Financial, s.r.o.

    Provides short-term loans (short-term consumer credit). Without much paperwork, without collateral, with clear rules for anything you need.

    Olbrachtova 2006/9, Praha 4

    Broker CZ, s.r.o.

    Offer credit services.

    Vinohradská 2029/124, Praha (Prague 3-Vinohrady)

    Credium, a.s.

    We specialize in the leasing, insurance for new and used cars, service, trucks, motorcycles and buses. Provide financial and operational leasing and hire purchase, credit cards are issued in the context of consumer credit.

    Vladislavova 1390/17, Praha (Prague 1-Nové Město)

    Inpema, s.r.o.

    We offer an insurance brokerage company providing a comprehensive free services connected with the creation and administration of insurance policies for businesses and individuals, including assistance with claims handling.

    Na Chodovci 2880/59, Praha (Prague 4-Záběhlice)

    Profihotovost, s.r.o.

    Pawnshop with professional service. Unrivalled, transparent business conditions. We emphasize on customer needs and service quality. Standard environment. We offer a money immediately.

    Jana Želivského 1744/24, Praha (Prague 3-Žižkov)

    Mayer reality investice, s.r.o.

    Re-purchases and manage assets, solve problems with execution. Possibility of obtaining funding for 24 h. without proof of income. Offer short-term credits and loans.

    Václavské nám. 831/21, Praha (Prague 1-Nové Město)

    Oberbank AG pobočka Česká republika

    We offer banking services to corporate and private clients.

    náměstí I. P. Pavlova 1789/5, Praha

    K+K Consulting finance, s.r.o.

    Offer credit services.

    Sladkovského nám. 525/1, Praha 3

    Prima Půjčka

    Bank loans and loans on-line for anything. Payment in cash within 24 hours. The portfolio of services, American Mortgage, mortgage loans and building savings, leasing, leaseback, hire purchase. We provide fast financing your needs.

    Krčská 511/51, Praha 4

    Pavel Liška - Hypoteční poradce

    .... Will help you obtain all available information about how to negotiate your best mortgage. Give you basic information and advice on various mortgage products: U.S. mortgages, mortgages with no proof of income, mortgages on cooperative apartment or the possibility of refinancing mortgages.

    Marie Cibulkové 386/40, Praha (Prague 4-Nusle)

    Půjčka 155

    We offer quick, cash, bank and non-bank loans and loans on-line for anything. We also provide consolidation and re-leasing (buy their own cars), mortgage. Maturity of the loan of your choice. Insured inability to repay.

    Vodičkova 30, Praha-Nové Město (Prague 1-Nové Město)

    ŠEMDA, s.r.o.

    Our company offers complete services in tax and accounting consultancy, payroll and personnel administration, processing of all tax returns and financial statem...

    Ocelářská 799, Praha

    XXX Půjčka

    Praha 5

    Dagmar Náhlíková, finanční poradce

    Providing mortgage loans.

    Patočkova 2386/83, Praha (Prague 6-Břevnov)


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