Manufacture of furniture


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Křižíkova 506/62, Praha 8

Kuchyňské linky - ŠVEC decor

Kuklenská 17, Brno


Interiors of peace - we are concerned with the production of furniture, interior design, residential furniture, children furniture, office furniture, sales and laying floors, and many others.

Poděbradská 520/24, Praha 9

Vestavěné skříně Vokoun

We provide housing for peace - we produce, assemble and install: built-in wardrobes, living and foyer walls, furniture, office furniture, kitchen, floating timber and laminate floors - have worked at our Prague and Central Bohemia.

J. Holuba 737, Kralupy nad Vltavou


Rumunská 4, Svitavy


The company specializes in the manufacture of custom built cabinets. We also built custom furniture such as wardrobes, partition walls with sliding or opening doors, built-in wardrobes. We supply panels, and wardrobe systems table bases.

Podnikatelská 547, Praha (Prague)

Němec - interiery podlahy

Proposals and implementation of residential and commercial interiors. Complete supply of wood and laminate flooring. Custom manufacturing and sale of furniture - kitchen, household furniture, office, hotels, schools, medical center. Supply and installation of shielding techniques.

Plynární 798/39, Praha

Teneriff s.r.o.

Podébrádska 56, Praha 9

Truhlářství MF s.r.o.

Jednořadá 1051/53, Praha


Manufacturer of office, sector and solid furniture. We also manufacture custom-made furniture. Area of 1500 square meters to sell inexpensive furniture, including a new kitchen, new furniture in quality II. Furthermore, we buy used furniture and home accessories.

Na Spojce 344, Vestec

DADA Kuchyně

Representative of the Slovak producer of kitchen Decodom. We offer Czech kitchen EMKA. It ensures a short delivery time. Buying with no money - Sporoservis. Proposals on the computer in 3D. Basic installation charge. Personal access to the customer. We supply with built-in appliances.

Budějovická 515/12, Praha (Prague 4-Krč)

A&A sedací soupravy

We offer express sofas production tailored to your apartment, or sell pre-own model line. Dimensions on request, including atypical. Wide range of upholstery fabrics and leather. Interior design firms. Deliveries throughout the Republic at a uniform price.

Na Harfě 203/1, Praha (Prague 9-Vysočany)

Merbau Interiér, s.r.o.

Built-in wardrobes for your kitchen cabinets and custom furniture. Doors, stairs, beds. Choosing from a variety of materials and door frames. Cabinets are supplied within 14 days. Binding domain and free pricing.

Přátelství 135/80, Praha (Prague 22-Uhřiněves)

eTruhlárna, s.r.o.

Designs, production and assembly of wood products and furniture.

Kutnohorská 309/84, Praha

Divikom, s.r.o. Kovový nábytek

Dolmenská 772, Dolní Břežany

ANTA, s.r.o.

We design, manufacture and install kitchen cabinets, furniture sets, built-in cabinets in laminate, solid wood and veneered boards. Equipment shops and business...

V Lázních 100, Jílové u Prahy

KATALPA - výroba nábytku, s.r.o.

Manufacture kitchens middle and upper classes, targeting and assembly for free. Individual approach, corporate studios in Prague and the Moravian city, hire purchase. We offer custom manufacturing program, a wide range.

Osadní 774/35, Praha (Prague 7-Holešovice)

JN Interier

We provide custom cabinets, built-in cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and custom-made furniture. We offer free orientation and consultation at your home. Short delivery times and quick action.

Moskevská 413/5, Praha (Prague 10-Vršovice)

ARWEN interiery - nábytek

We offer for your equipment kanceláří.Jsme firm that deals with the furnishing of interiors since 1990. We offer a complete service from design to delivery to the actual implementation. We are the manufacturer and sole distributor of office furniture system, another carrying, carrying PRIMA and Lindon.

Marie Cibulkové 428/12, Praha (Prague 4-Nusle)

ANDALO - skříně na míru

We provide custom cabinets, wardrobes, wall units, office furniture, shelving, closet and cabinets with sliding doors and sliding doors between the actual room. We have our own production. We provide cutting and edging ABS 2 mm. Delivery time within 14 days.

5. května 1242/44, Praha (Prague 4-Nusle)

Ateliér Pedro, spol. s r.o.

Piecing design kitchens and kitchen for peace. We provide a complete service - design, preparation, implementation kitchen, removal and installation. Nolte kitchens, accessories designer Georg Jensen, EGO, Shelton and Rikke.

Mariánská 342/32, Praha (Prague 12-Kamýk)

D.Z.P. Praha, s.r.o.

Manufacturer of furniture tailored to your needs.

Poděbradská 302/2, Praha


We focus on individual custom manufacturing of veneer, solid wood, laminates and combinations thereof for commercial and residential interiors.

Ořechová 931/5, Praha (Prague 8-Kobylisy)

A&A Češpivo - postele, matrace

Custom manufacturing of upholstered beds and mattress manufacturing. Bed within 14 days. Mattresses in 24 hours. Prepare design your own request or on our model range. Any size. We offer modern materials and style. Transport across the CR.

Na Harfě 203/1, Praha (Prague 9-Vysočany)


80 cuisines under one roof. High quality cuisine styles and price categories. Production in our own factories in Germany. 30 years of operations in the Netherlands. 5 years warranty on kitchen furniture. Expert advice, project free of charge while you wait.

U Makra 123, Čestlice

Nábytek Kelly - výroba nábytku

We make desks, cabinets, adapters, containers, drawers, coffee tables, TV stands, shelves, foyer wall, shoe, kitchen and full production of atypical, including orientation, migration, transport and assembly

Sluštice 108, Sluštice

ALBA CR spol. s.r.o.

Czech manufacturer of office chairs - production, development and maintenance. Wholesale, retail, office chairs, coffee, work, and many categories of ergonomic design. Chairs for healthy sitting. Wide range of chairs and seating for office.

Masarykovo nám. 26, Škvorec

Čížek - skříně na míru

We manufacture, sell, install built-in wardrobes, kitchen and custom furniture. Orientation and free consultation. Certified dealer HOTPOINT ARISTON built-in appliances.

Václavské nám. 49, Unhošť

dib s.r.o.

Retailer and manufacturer of wooden blanks.

Křížová 2598/4, Praha (Prague 5-Smíchov)

Marcel Palma - AR Dekor, vestavěné skříně na míru

Built-in cabinets and custom made furniture. Provides design and installation. We offer a built-in cabinets and furniture for living rooms, kitchens, children's room, bedroom. Children's furniture, hangers, and wall units, desks, beds, wardrobes.

Nárožní 1390/4, Praha (Prague 13-Stodůlky)

FK SYSTÉM, s.r.o.

Trading company engaged in the sale of furniture and interior furnishing comprehensive, from design to implementation.

Na louži 939/5, Praha (Prague 10-Vršovice)

My dva holding, a.s.

Manufacture and sale of office furniture. Complex interiors.

Jankovcova 1522/53, Praha (Prague 7-Holešovice)

Dům interiérového zařízení - kuchyně DIZ, s.r.o.

Kitchen manufacturer. Addressing modern cuisine based on individual approach to our architects will address its functionality and timelessness. We will advise you what should the modern ergonomic kitchen.

Přívozní 937/3, Praha (Prague 7-Holešovice)

FAST Interier & Design, s.r.o.

Czech manufacturer of residential and office furniture. Interior design and realization of their own, or delivered to the project documentation. The apartment interiors arrange for: a living room, dining room, bedroom, dressing room, study, hall, study, children's rooms.

Českomoravská 1181/23, Praha (Prague 9-Libeň)

Kuchyňské studio Blanca, s.r.o.

Kitchen Studio designs, delivers, installs kitchens and kitchen Sykora Camelot, adds built-in kitchen appliances

Zborovská 1278/5, Praha (Prague 5-Smíchov)


We manufacture, sell and install cabinets, built-in wardrobes for. We offer built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, wall units, office furniture. Calculations and focus, 5-year warranty, in consultation demonstration centers for free.

Plzeňská 255/163, Praha (Prague 5-Košíře)


We make custom furniture. Kitchens, bathrooms, halls, bedrooms, wardrobes, beds, bookcases, childrens rooms, living rooms, students and children furniture, office furniture. We propose design in 3D. We provide transportation and installation of the whole country.

Radlická 608/2, Praha (Prague 5-Smíchov)

H & T Matex, s.r.o.

Sale, manufacture, export and import health mattresses, beds and bed systems, lamellar gratings, bedding and other accessories. We offer 35 kinds of mattresses in 13 basic sizes. We wholesale and retail, consulting and service on our website.

Hrusická 2616/3, Praha (Prague 4-Záběhlice)


We manufacture and sell custom closets for 10 years. During this period we have delivered in wardrobes, dressing rooms, libraries and other custom furniture for thousands of homes and businesses. Wardrobes tailored to you after the tentative agreement will focus on the site for free.

Husitská 69/33, Praha (Prague 3-Žižkov)

Hartman Czech, spol. s r.o.

Sell garden furniture, plastic, aluminum, metal, hularo, Loom teak, rattan, not just the exteriors. Hartman Products, Mesch, Patton, Brown Jordan. We also offer beach umbrellas, chairs, serving tables, furniture, barbecues. Warranty 3-5 years.

Jinonická 804/80, Praha (Prague 5-Košíře)


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