On-line sales of luxury goods gift


    Ingersoll Store

    Ondříčkova 16, Praha 3

    DODO land

    K Říčanům 793, Praha 10


    Online shop for showcasing and selling textextext products alongside works by an international range of artisans.

    K Podchodu 621, Praha


    Offers the sale of luxury goods, jewelry Swarovski, perfumes for house & apartment, child, pets, shoes, accessories and luxury beverages. Purchasing are also smokers. All products are of excellent quality of leading world brands.

    Na Radosti 119/10, Praha


    Offer giftware.

    U Bulhara 1611/3, Praha (Prague 1-Nové Město)

    Allegria - Firma na zážitky

    Offer giftware.

    Turnovská 365/5, Praha

    DreamyDay, s.r.o.

    Offer giftware.

    Na sypkém 89/9, Praha


    Online store focused on home furnishings and decorations. Sell modern furniture and kitchen accessories, artificial flowers and trees, porcelain tableware, mugs. You can find interesting tips on gifts for men, gifts for women, Christmas and wedding gifts.

    Rilská 3182/4, Praha (Prague 12-Modřany)


    E-shop operation.

    Božanovská 1618/128, Praha (Prague 20-Horní Počernice)

    BMK Trading, s.r.o. - e-shop

    We offer online sales of gift items, pens, watches and RC models.

    Dělnická 248, Dolní Břežany

    FPI, s.r.o. - e-shop

    Sell ladies' and men's watches Citizen, a Japanese cosmetics, golf, and Nicklaus Swilken.

    Podzimní 1557, Hostivice

    Ing. Václav Kašpar - e-shop víkendových pobytů

    Offers romantic weekends at the castle, wellness weekends, weekend stay for two in the mountains, etc.

    Komenského 835, Šestajovice

    Ing. Zdeněk Brůžek - Brůžek - e-shop (výdejní místo)

    Sell Hawaiian garlands, skirts and shirts, beach torches and other party accessories.

    Křižovnická 97/8, Praha (Prague 1-Staré Město)

    Attalos, s.r.o. - e-shop (výdejní místo)

    Sell luxury pens.

    Na záhonech 682/7, Praha (Prague 4-Michle)

    Dušan Severa - e-shop dárkových předmětů

    Sell gifts and luxury beverages.

    Labská 329, Praha (Kunratice)

    Martin Čep - e-shop adrenalinových zážitků

    We offer adrenaline experience, and teamwork courses.

    Božídarská 2607/12, Praha (Prague 20-Horní Počernice)

    Globe Services, s.r.o. - e-shop (výdejní místo)

    We offer online sales of specialty and adrenaline gifts and experiences.

    Na Šafránce 1814/39, Praha


    Offers gift certificates as a suitable gift for your luxury, all close as a corporate Prezent. It offers a luxurious experience in relaxation and rest in a pleasant environment. A selection of gifts for birthday, anniversary, for both man and woman, mother and grandmother.

    Wuchterlova 583/18, Praha

    RF Hobby, s.r.o. - e-shop s dárkovým zbožím

    We offer gift items for different occasions.

    Bohdalecká 1420/6, Praha (Prague 10-Michle)


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