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DBlift pracovní plošiny

Šípková 368, Dolní Břežany

Ateliér Dako, s.r.o.

Sell furniture for restaurants, canteens, cafes restaurants, terraces. We offer dining tables, dining tables, coffee tables, catering tables, cocktail tables on...

Libušská 256, Praha (Libuš)


Nový Zlíchov 2602/11, Praha 5 - Smíchov

MJC - Zlín spol.s r.o. (Branch Praha)

hair care products, hairdressing equipment, a wide selection of professional hair care products at great prices. We offer a wide choice: hair PAINTS, sauce, sha...

Husitská 48/50, Praha

Kuchyňské linky - ŠVEC decor

Kuklenská 17, Brno

FPW s.r.o.

Nám. 14. října 2/1307, Praha 5

CROSS Zlín, a.s. (Branch Praha 5 - Košíře)

Jinonická 80, Praha 5 - Košíře

Toyota Material Handling CZ, s.r.o.

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) governing the activities of European companies, Toyota and BT material manipulace.Jsme the exclusive distributor in the country. We rent cars for short or long term lease, give advice.

K Vypichu 1049, Rudná

TEBECO, spol. s r.o.

Design and development of heavy pomaluběžných wheeled and rolling stock and equipment for blasting metal. Design and development of specialty composite struc...

Poděbradská 61/780, Praha

Toner4u s.r.o.

Vrbova 1427/19, Praha 4

Martin Zuska - šicí stroje

Repair all brands of sewing machines and old customers at home.

Branická 71, Praha 4 (Prague 4-Lhotka)


Am Büh 5, Rosdorf


Federova 1602/4, Praha

HM nábytek Praha 3

Koněvova 2660/141, Praha

Jungheinrich (ČR), s.r.o.

Forklifts and pallet trucks, storage systems, sales, service, rental trucks, used trucks, projects, warehouses, pallet trucks, reach trucks, forklifts system, storage and retrieval, fleet management.

Modletice 101, Říčany

SIDONIUS palety s.r.o. - Prodej palet a europalet

We offer purchase, sale and production of pallets, pallet lids and firewood. We provide road transport.

U Průhonu 1070/25, Praha 7

Tvářecí stroje, s.r.o.

We offer laser cutting machines for tubes, profiles and sheet metal. Roll bending machines, thread rolling machines, bending machines, cut-to-lenght and slitting lines for coils, automatic sawing machines, hydraulic and mechanical presses with automation and other metal forming and cutting machines.

Daňkova 3336/2, Praha (Prague 5-Motol)

PANDA-K s.r.o.

We supply the office in the Prague complete range of office and stationery goods including food. Delivery in Prague the next day.

Ondříčkova 7, Praha 3

Fiddes - včelí vosky na dřevo

Ratbořská 1591, Praha 9 - Újezd nad Lesy

Karel Helan H-kompresory

Production of metal parts.

Libeř 146, Libeř

Oleg Švehla-Zámečnictví

The firm offers of work in the field of locksmithing.

Ke skalkám 1798/79, Praha

Novum Industry, s.r.o.

Sell computing, control, crane and platform scales, pallet trucks with scales, weighing systems for handling technology. We also offer packaging machines for stretch film, vacuum and protective atmosphere. We represent companies DIGI, RAVAS, Eilon, MECAPLASTIC.

Dvacátého osmého pluku 483/11, Praha (Prague 10)

ORBIS AVIA, spol. s r.o.

Modern, commercial and aviation-technology company to become an important and efficient manufacturer, repairer and operator of aircraft technology, the creator of the modern project of production legend flying, airplane SM-92T Finist / Silver Fox.

Holečkova 103/31, Praha (Prague 5-Smíchov)

Orgatech, spol. s r.o. - Prodej mechanického zabezpečení pro firmy

We offer sale of devices for complete data security and protection from abuse.

Bubenská 242/14, Praha

Ludvík Adámek Fiat Lux

Lighting technical projects, business lighting, metering lights, lighting equipment sales - Siteco, LUG.

Kostelní 25/25, Čelákovice

MAS, spol. s r.o.

Activities of the company is focused on design, production, installation and subsequent servicing of all offered equipment including the repair and servicing of equipment from other manufacturers.

Medkova 1108/68, Praha (Prague 11-Chodov)

Mc Tree, a.s.

LIEBHERR exclusive importer of the brand for the country. We offer more than 500 models, see appliances designed for household use as stand-alone and built-in, catering appliances, HoReCa and specialized laboratories and blood banks.

Hlavní 238, Lázně Toušeň

KLEENTEK - zastupuje výrobce patentově chráněných přístrojů

We offer service for cleaning oil plant, oil systems, regular cleaning of machinery and equipment during operation. Range recommend treatment based on an assessment of the operational impact. Service water separation of oil per plant, equipment service deployment DH remove water from the oil without interrupting operation of the machine.

Sazečská 560/8, Praha

EagleBurgmann Czech, s.r.o.

We offer production and sales of mechanical seals, cord seals, static seals, hoses, metal, textile and rubber compensators.

Na Drahách 1364, Praha

ITTEC, s.r.o.

RAINBIRD exclusive representation for CR and SR. Automatic watering systems for gardens, parks, golf and football. Distribution of components for installation companies - a control unit, sprinklers, nozzles, valves, piping and other kapkovací.

AOS Modletice 106, Říčany

MediCom, a.s. Praha

We offer lasers for industry and medicine, automated laser sys. for marking, engraving, cutting, welding and avg. applications. Custom laser marking and engraving. Medical and cosmetic laser biostimulation and power. Bio and curing lamps.

Ženíškova 1647/3, Praha (Prague 11-Chodov)

Novatec Sicherheitstechnik, s.r.o.

We provide consulting, sales (retail, wholesale), installation and servicing of security against theft of goods (EAS). As well as camera systems (CCTV) systems and intrusion detection, EPS.

Strojírenská 260/14, Praha

Stow ČR, s.r.o.

Production, supply and sale of storage equipment. Pallet, shelf, drive, console and mobile racks and automated storage systems. Online store with ordering online.

Modletice 141, Říčany


Manufacturer of office, sector and solid furniture. We also manufacture custom-made furniture. Area of 1500 square meters to sell inexpensive furniture, including a new kitchen, new furniture in quality II. Furthermore, we buy used furniture and home accessories.

Na Spojce 344, Vestec

HELAP s.r.o. Vše pro kancelář

We offer wholesale, which sells everything for the office. We provide office furniture HOBIS free 3D design, office chairs, leather bags and work folders, backp...

Modletice 71,

AZ palety, s.r.o.

Our company deals with pallets, euro pallets, standard, atypical, plastovými.V the pallet ensures production of wooden pallets and containers, any dimensions, the exchange of pallets (replace your broken or old pallets for new), pallets disposal, purchase your already useless, eventually broken pallets.

K Tuchoměřicům 63, Praha

Martin Jedlička - Stavební stroje

Construction machinery and equipment. Sales and rental of construction machines, vibration plates and rammers brands Abakus, Wacker, Weber, NTC, Batmatic and compaction attachments. Are establishing a rental of construction machines and e-commerce.

Pražská 19, Řevnice


We are a commercial-manufacturing holding company, specializing in rolling stock and rail tracks, chemistry and wastewater treatment and export of capital equipment such as cement, power plants and hospitals.

U průhonu 773/12, Praha (Prague 7-Holešovice)

DOZNA - údržba, montáž, pronájem dopravního značení

We offer a maintenance, installation and rental of vertical and horizontal application of traffic signs. We make traffic signs, orientation systems, information boards and advertising. Mounted speed bumps, parking barriers, guide rails and walls.

Oderská 850, Praha (Čakovice)

Taranis Invest, s.r.o.

We offer sales and service in the area - transportation and handling equipment, parking systems, telematics. WIM - dynamic weighing of vehicles, software.

V jámě 699/5, Praha (Prague 1-Nové Město)


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